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Fuse Boards

Does the inside of your electric cupboard look like one of these???

If YES, then you need to call 'Walsh & Welsh!'


Fuse -board -1

25 years out of date!!                             15 years out of date!!

We recommend a full test and                 We recommend a full test and

a brand new fuse board.                          a brand new fuse board.


Fuse -board -2


Upto date as of 2008!!                             Top of the range model!!

We recommend regular testing                 We recommend regular testing

approximately 3 - 5 years.                        approximately 3 - 5 years.



If you take a look in your fuse board and discover old-fashioned rewireable fuses, this usually means a fuse board upgrade is required to a modern Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) . A fuse board change is beneficial on many levels; it uses new technology making it safer for your home and family but also offers the prospect of less maintenance if you happen to have faulty electrical equipment.


Most people understand the hassle of changing fuses, but not everyone knows they could just be flicking a switch instead. When you do find that fuses blow or that your current MCB discovers a problem with your equipment you may be interested in Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) If you think you could benefit from upgrading your equipment please call us now.


We install new distribution boards, sometimes known as consumer units or fuse boards. This will replace your old, damaged or inadequate fuse board with a brand new, up to date solution that complies to the latest British Standards BS7671 Regulation. This includes residual current devices (safety trips) and miniature circuit breakers, supplied from leading manufacturers such as Wylex and Electrium.


Your complete electrical installation is tested and inspected as required by BS7671 by us, before and during reconnection. All the results are recorded on an NAPIT Installation Certificate. The work is then notified online by us to the NAPIT who then issue you with a Building Control Compliance Certificate via post to the home address.


Both certificates should be retained by you for future use, since they are important documents and may be required when selling your property.


Old fuse boards may still work, but you are under protected, and they won't work as well in the event of a fault.


After fitting a new upto date fuse board we recommend a re-test every 3 to 5 years.


New fuse boards have up to date technology too! This includes modern plastics, fire resistance and miniature circuit breakers (MCB’s), not rewireable fuses. The protection and convenience is much better now when using residual current devices (RCD’s) to protect against electrical leakage to earth. Modern fuse boards mean there is a greatly reduced risk of fire or electrocution.


To change an old Wylex brown or cream six way fuse board is cheaper than you think. The complete electrical system is tested to ensure that no faulty wiring is connected to the new distribution board. All faults are corrected first to ensure your safety.


A single Fuse Board change in a 3-4 bedroom house, including all testing / notification will take less than 1 day, usually a few hours.