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Whats involved?

Firstly we will conduct a visual inspection checking for any obvious signs of damage or any other obvious issues with the installation. Then starting at the consumer unit we will work through testing all circuits looking for any non-conformities. Duration of tests always depends on your readings, usually its every 3 years. Testing is done for your electrical safety and to ensure that in the event of a fault your electrics work as they should. There is NO substitute for regular testing.


What disruption will the testing cause?

To carry out some of the tests required we must turn the power off which can cause some disruption, therefore it is advisable that the testing is arranged to minimise this disruption. 


What if my installation doesn't meet the required standard?

If your installation is deemed as 'Unsatisfactory' we will advise you why this is and what is required to correct the non-conformities, we will also provide you with a free estimate for the remedial work required.


If it fails will I need to pay for a retest?

No, if we carry out the remedial work we will issue a new certificate free of charge. Although if you decide to get another contractor to carry out the remedial work we will be unable to issue a new certificate with out carrying out another full test charged at the same cost as the original.


What paperwork will I receive?

You will receive a comprehensive report detailing the particulars of the installation and any observations or defects. The certificate complies with the requirements of BS 7671.


When will I receive my certificate?

Certificates are normally processed with in a few days and are posted or delivered to you as soon as possible (within no more than 30 days).